Tigerbelly is an irreverent podcast hosted by comedian and "Slept King" Bobby Lee with his girlfriend, Khalyla Kuhn. The comedic twist on introspective and serious conversations offer a sense of comfort, community, and relatability towards the Tigerbelly Gang. The current branding suffers from inconsistency across their platforms, and could benefit from a unique, memorable, and meaningful logo that speaks to their serious silliness. 
Tigerbelly has a loyal fan base, and my brand refresh is intended to help them gain more fans, or "sleepers" as Bobby calls them. Proud of their Korean and Filipino backgrounds, the logo is inspired by traditional Korean folk art and colorful Filipino dresses. The logo is based on the origins of the name "Tigerbelly" and the "Slept Kingdom," stories unique to the podcast and loved by their fans. The variations of the logo can be used across digital and physical promotions.


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