Non-Gendered Skincare is a brand set out to blur the line within the beauty industry dividing products marketed for men and women. It is an idealist brand on a mission to celebrate diversity and encourage self-love. Each product is made with 100% vegan ingredients to help their customers nourish, blossom, and be empowered. 
The brand identity is meant to create a strong brand experience and clearly express the voice of the brand. In support of the idea that gender is a spectrum that cannot be pinned down, the visual elements carry an essence of freedom, transformation, and fluidity.
Brand Archetype
Non-Gendered Skincare is serving hero realness. First and foremost, the brand is an idealist. They the encourage their audience by building trust and radiate confidence. They will go to any extent to make sure their audience is heard. 

They have a wide variety of interests, but are united by their openness to change and freedom of expression. They live by their values and seek meaningful forms of engagement with today's social concerns. They believe that gender stereotypes don't encapsulate who they are. Between the ages 21 - 30, they are intellectual, in-tune with their emotions, and perceptive of others. They are involved in their community and thrive off of meaningful connections and new experiences. 

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