Verdigris Ensemble is a collaborative group of vocal artists based in Dallas, Texas. Each performance provides a full experience and creatively presents specific spaces, stories, and people. Verdigris is involved in their community, sponsoring workshops and musical exchanges to inspire the next generation of music lovers. For Verdigris's third season, they intended to clarify their mission, showcase the members, and express their contemporary take on classic choral music.
The 2019-2020 Season "The World Within Me is too Small," comments on the need for larger cultural, historic, and personal perspectives to bind the community together. In the format of a magazine, interesting articles as well as important information are compiled to provide a well-rounded storytelling of the ensemble. Keeping the word verdigris in mind, the bright bluish-green patina that forms on oxidized copper, I layered textured blocks of color to connect the ensemble with notions of transformation and shared experiences overtime. The magazine received an honorable mention in the Graphis Design Annual 2021.
Photo by Dickie Hill

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