Summer of 2022, the Tostitos brand partnered with Dan Levy and a variety of influencers to host ”No Mo FOMO” parties during the summer with Tostitos bags as the centerpiece of conversation and content. The ask was for our team to create limited edition, brag worthy packaging designs to invite fans to get over their feelings of FOMO. 
Design strategy was to leverage the Tostitos distinctive mandala assets to communicate the feelings of FOMO and all the possibilities out there. The limited edition packaging designs would arrive in kits meant to tap into the user’s curiosity with an element of unveiling and fun discovery. This level of interaction brings consumers an unboxing experience that translates into getting together and enjoying Tostitos.

Animation by Josef Atlestam

Details on a kit that won't stop partying.

First encounter with kit is a circular shaped box, heavily Tostitos branded, in the brand's primary color palette. As users interact with the kit, the distinctive mandala assets take on a kaleidoscopic, layered expression of itself, using colors from the three different flavors waiting to be discovered inside. Official Tostitos soundbite plays when users open the lid to chip bags. The kit comes with a bright touch light so that the outer lid becomes a party decoration keepsake and projects the mandala shapes into the room.  

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